It’s been a while since our last update.  A long while, actually.  As many of you know The Bloody Nerve has gone through some pretty tough times.  Just as we were getting close to wrapping up our LP in July our home and studio burned to the ground taking just about everything with it.

Since then we have been very busy replacing our belongings, studio gear, instruments, and dealing with more challenges.  Just last weekend Laurie Ann lost her father to respiratory complications.  It has been a mad season for The Bloody Nerve for sure but we have managed to be in the final stretch to completing our first LP.

Director Eric Summer with the Interventions cast

Director Eric Summer with Interventions cast

Part of the reason for the lapse in communication is we are in a goddamn hurry!  We have had our heads down chipping away at the album for our end of October deadline.  Our song “Find Ya Love” will be appearing in the new series “Interventions” on TF1 France in episodes 3 and 5 so we are coordinating this with our international series of releases.   The fire really set us back to meet this deadline, so we are in a mad dash.  Big thanks to director Eirc Summer for this great opportunity and his beacon of light through this dark night.

I would like to thank everyone who donated to our cause through Go Fund Me.  Friends, family, and fans, you must know that you made this all possible.  We also want to thank Tom Davis at Seismic Sound in Nashville for his moral support, his son Andrew and Gary Fortin for donating much needed gear and accessories.  Thanks to Dariush Rad at Asterope for the great cables and Dominic Ventura at Guitar Center for significantly lessening the blow.   Thanks also to my neighborhood legendary Gibson guitar “distress-er” Tom Murphy for seeing to my survivors and helping dial in the new comers.

We’ll drop a line soon.  Right now it is back to work and we’ll have more content coming your way.