Rian Got The Jedi Right

By Stacey Blood
Jan 1, 2019

Star Wars is about The Jedi. Period. It isn’t about anything else. All other things going on are simply subplots, backgrounds that feed the setting and SJW messages that feed the want to hang yourself.

We all think of the Jedi as these infallible super people who possess the skill and wisdom to overcome any challenge.  We’ve all thought this at some point and it’s hard to imagine where this thought comes from because nothing in the movies themselves did anything to create these notions.

For instance, you can find many lengthy discussions about Jedi contradictions, like Obi Wan Kenobi saying “only a Sith deals in absolutes”, which to many appears to be a statement in absolute itself.  Are they hypocrites?  No.  Imperfect?  Prolifically.

It is this imperfection that led to Rian Johnson’s brilliant handling of Luke Skywalker and The Jedi in Episode VIII.  But more on that later.

First, a little background on these clowns called Jedi.

The Jedi Are Unprincipled

Sure, there’s a lot to be annoyed about by Rian’s contribution to the franchise, mostly too much time spent on useless characters that are subversive to a quality film and the apparent matriarchy taking over all leadership of the “light side”. How much of this was really his decision who knows, but beyond that, when it comes to the Jedi, Rian was in the scope.

And it’s not like there is this long list of ways the Jedi were unprincipled, they just managed to screw up the most important and basic issues.

The biggest screw up comes immediately in the first part of Episode I. They managed to completely destroy the “chosen one” they had been waiting for to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the force.

The Anakin Fuck Up

What made Anakin different than the other Jedi is that he was principled from the very beginning. He couldn’t understand why the Jedi wouldn’t free his mother and the other slaves and he never did understand it.

To Anakin slavery is always a wrong that should be righted. Not sometimes wrong and only then because a slave has something you need.

To Anakin slavery is always a wrong that should be righted. Not sometimes wrong and only then because a slave has something you need.

So why is it that Qui Gon Jinn didn’t take his mother also?  Because “the law”.

Slavery was legal there on Tattooine. Because the Jedi apparently respect authority (no matter how evil it might be) to Qui Gon, it was the “right thing” to do to leave a person in bondage against her will so long as “the law” allowed it.

Not exactly Harriett “Hold My Beer” Tubman.

Just another example of how people have never suffered more than at the hands of those obeying “the law”.

No Place For Principles In The Jedi Order

Because Anakin had principles is why Mace Windu didn’t ever trust him. He knew that principles and indoctrination aren’t compatible.

The Jedi certainly didn’t offer much in example either.  When the first Jedi Anakin meets proves to be so impotent against a flying junk-yard bug it’s no wonder Anakin started his path with a good amount of doubt.

For anyone questioning the ability of Qui Gon or even the entire legion of Jedi to free all of the slaves is irrelevant. Qui Gon’s and the Jedi Council’s legitimizing of the system that creates the contradiction of principles in the first place is the problem.

To be principled, the Jedi should have openly stood against all forms of rule, no matter if it is one person ruling over others or a group of people ruling over another group of people (democracy).

Obi Wan Accelerated Anakin’s Demise

By the time we get to Episode II we see the wheels are already coming off of Anakin’s training. This is no doubt accelerated by the fact that Obi Wan Kenobi, the most hard core Jedi when it comes to pushing the party line, is his new master.

Nobody obeys “the law” better than Obi Wan! And remember, his “commitment is to the Republic!” Not to Anakin. Not to principles. Not even to his own master, as we see him scold Qui Gon in Episode I for going against the council to train Anakin.

But better late than never, Obi Wan realizes how wrong he and the Jedi Council has been . He realizes that he helped screw up the chosen one so bad that he now sports red Sith eyes. When he said “I have failed you, Anakin”, and in a a chord sadder than D minor, he isn’t joking.  He did.  And now he has to destroy the monster that he helped create.

But of course he fails at this as well because the one mark of consistency among the Jedi is that they cannot kill Siths. Seriously. No Jedi ever killed a Sith. And all of the Siths in the films were killed by Anakin Skywalker, including Darth Vader.  (This topic deserves it’s own dedicated entry.)

Luke Skywalker’s Self Realization 

By Episode IV there is no Republic.  The Rebel Alliance is basically just an insurgent uprising.  They don’t have a government.  They have a hierarchy of command and that’s about it (we never learn how they are financed).  And boy have things really changed.

Obi Wan and Yoda are now in exile as they should be.  And they know this.  They know the Jedi failed because they were unprincipled. Just look at how differently they treat Luke.  They never gave him institutional instructions. They didn’t drown him in dogmas and traditions.

They did it right that time and stuck to principles.  They let him go on his path regardless of their disapproval at times and chose to embrace free will.

Who can argue with the results?

When we come around to Episode VIII we get the line I had been waiting for since a long time ago…

“That Force does not belong to the Jedi. To say that if the Jedi die, the light dies, it’s vanity.” – Luke Skywalker

Now we’re talkin’!  And this is where Rian Johnson makes the grade for his direction with Luke and the Jedi.

The Jedi built a religion around The Force. That was the mistake they made. The Force is the truth. When it is right, religion is downstream of truth. When it is wrong, truth is downstream of religion. The Jedi did the latter.

And so the truth doesn’t belong to anyone. This is what Luke figured out and this demonstrates how powerful he has really become!  This is the best!

Just Like The Yogi Masters

Luke didn’t become weak. Luke used to be weak and now became stronger than any other “Jedi” before him.  Luke isn’t a Jedi… he is an avatar. The solitude. The renunciation. The transparency of Maya. The meditation. This is classic self-realization. Have a problem with astral projection? These are abilities of the avatars in Vedic legends. This is seriously uber stuff.

Luke is the greatest one of them all because he understood that nobody brings balance to The Force, but the Force brings balance to you.  Rian Johnson knocked this one out of the park.

Lots of people had a hard time with Luke “giving up” or whatever.  Luke didn’t “give up”.  He saw that the entire Jedi order was bullshit.  He also saw that he is flawed and so is everyone else.  And remember, Luke always acted on his instincts and every time he was right.  He was right about Kylo Ren as well (as far as we know) and should have struck him down.  It’s the Jedi quackery that had him hold up.

I fear that so many were lost in Episode VIII’s treatment of Luke because they just didn’t get it.  And in order to get it the Jedi’s inability to universally expand the principles of right and wrong must have been understood. 

And if that wasn’t understood perhaps most can’t even spot a lack of principles.

Mirrors can present themselves in unexpected ways.