Roll Away The Stone 7/8/18

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since we’ve had an update. The Bloody Nerve has been out here in the real world going through it, squeezing out the juice and trying to stay afloat.

First, as many have noticed, our music is no longer on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other digital platform. We pulled our material last year due to issues with our digital distribution aggregator and their disappearing act. This left us with no choice but to pull our entire catalogue from The Orchard, regretfully, who was our digital distributor to all of the platforms. It was extremely detrimental to our cause, killing all of the momentum of Taste. We thank all of our team members here in the US and out in the UK who gave it their all and we’re really sorry we let you down. But as they say, what’s meant to happen happens!

As of now we aren’t really in a hurry to redistribute to the digital streaming platforms but we’ll probably get them up again at some point. Contrary to what you hear on the internet they actually do pay for streams and at a value we feel is fair market value. What some artists have are bad business deals and that’s why it appears there are no pay outs. We’ll discuss more about streaming soon.

As everyone knows we are avid fans of the re-birth of vinyl. In the past 18 months we have been involved in a few outside innovative vinyl tech projects, including the development of a state of the art vinyl record maintenance product called Lucky Diamond. You can find it here:

In conjuction with this we are carving out a direction for our label, Antic Records, which we hope will bring some surprising releases come 2020 including a few re-issues. And we’re happy to say that in the midst of all of this we have found the time to write all new material for an upcoming EP and follow up LP. Details will follow on production.

The past nearly 2 yeas has been a real bumpy road for us and we want to thank everyone who has stuck by us and continue to patiently await our next releases. We are so lucky we are beholden to nobody. That we are not stuck in any contracts. That someone else isn’t holding the strings. We can take our time to do what we want and say what we want. It is liberating and purifying and we have never felt so excited and comfortable with where we are as artists. It’s intoxicating, actually!

We have re-opened our Bandcamp store at This after it was essentially forbidden during our digital distribution agreement. Now when you buy our 12″ LP or CD you get a free high quality digital download! Remember, album and merch sales help us tremendously.

So now the big speech: Everything worthwhile takes capital and we need it to keep going. Realize, we’re perfectly happy making music for our cats. But to get it to you we can’t do it for free!

To help support our coming projects you can do so buy purshasing our debut LP “Taste” on 12” vinyl or CD. We still have a few hundred copies of the first pressing you can buy at Bandcamp or our website We are also now taking cryptocurrency donations!

We prefer ADA Cardano and accept at this address: DdzFFzCqrhsvm9M2X1dCe7qgweFzt8P86zTdpC2rz55NhGT9EpuSi2wtX3Q6rCbE6V7127xRmmuzho6peGKFkMAjaxzyDVZ5z15qD5Bj

But we will also take Bitcoin here: 18h3XrWyvGopJ3sy54XGh99XKpqXTrQfz6
And Ethereum here: 0x6b56a18deb95371d1fbfad5f68d66366f3e774a9

So, to summarize, we are completely ducking out of the archaic and regressive music “industry” and putting our energy into helping lay the groundwork toward new models and technologies (like blockchain) that will smash the old machine into a million tiny little pieces. Decentralization is the path to true artistic and economic freedom for the world over and there are many projects like ADA Cardano that are building amazing platforms that can change everything. If you don’t know much about blockchain technology or cryptocurrency go check out

More coming.


Stacey and Laurie Ann



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