The Bloody Nerve, are back with the hard-hitting new concept album All Blood, No Treasure that started with ‘Episode I:  A Million Arms’ in June of 2020. 

“Rock ‘n’ roll dissidents Stacey and Laurie Ann have looked attentively at all this and have busily written & recorded a powerhouse rock concept, titled ‘All Blood, No Treasure’ that responds to the idiotic state of paranoia we seem to have gotten ourselves into. And it’s a fertile breeding ground for predominant dogmas and pervasive majoritarianism.” – Neil Mach, Raw Ramp 

 “We wanted the opener to feel like the way Solzhenitsyn described ‘arrest’ in The Gulag Archipelago.  That traumatic jolt from one state to another.  People aren’t getting what’s happening and it’s serious.  Need a jolt” – adds Blood.

Vocalist Laurie Ann Layne describes the nature of the album.  “Each song will have its own lyric video, and original art-piece for the backdrop. Visual art will become part of the process.”


Stacey Blood hails from Fort Worth, TX and bucked the cliché of rock ‘n’ roller-turns-broadcaster by paying his dues as a commercial drive-time broadcaster until 27. After leaving radio, Stacey moved to the Nashville area to dedicate more time to his own ventures, starting Sticky Floor Media in 2009.

Laurie Ann Layne, from Queens, NY, spent her early years performing and singing for many projects, including recording background vocals on Motown’s India Arie’s Grammy-nominated ‘Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationships’ in 2006.
Blood and Layne met in Nashville in 2011, moved in together and co-founded The Bloody Nerve in February 2013. Their first record was the 3-track EP, ‘Red’. A second 3-track EP, ‘Blue’, quickly followed.  Their first LP Taste, which featured their song “Find Ya Love”, was released in July of 2015.

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