(S. Blood)

They say the end’s getting close now, they say it’s just beyond the way
And that the darkness i s bearing down, you’re lost, never found

You will find it’s all in their minds, oh yeah
Oh they’re just a little freaked out by some words on a page
Oh it’s just the world bein’ strange, whoa it’s so strange

It seems there’s no explanation how things will move on their own
For chilling voices in your ear when there’s nobody near

It’s right as rain you’re not insane, oh no
Just whistle Dixie while they’re draggin’ their chains, yeah
Oh it’s just the world being strange it’s so strange, yeah It’s so strange

Let me tell ya, acid rain the quest for pain the eternal pillar the eyes of a killer nothing rhymes with purple orange or silver those who pray but do not pay the ghost of Billie Holiday incurable crazies evil ladies
Nashville dyin’ of thirst on the banks of the Euphrates

They tie you up in that razor wire and try to brand you with fear
Ah but baby don’t you cry we’ll wipe the tears from your eyes

You won’t die and I can’t tell you why, no baby
It’s just so hard to explain it’s just tha tway
Oh it’s just the world bein’ strange, yeah it’s so strange, yeah.

© 2015 Sad Bunny Music ASCAP



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